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Pyrotechnic Permits

East Grand Fire Protection District #4 requires an approval and permit for fireworks, proximate audience displays, flame effects and pyrotechnic special effects in motion picture, television, theatrical, and group entertainment productions.

Click here for the complete permit and plan submittal requirements and application for fireworks, pyrotechnic and flame effect productions.

Permitting and Fees 

A provisional permit from the Fire Prevention Bureau is required prior to the use of any approved firework or pyrotechnic production. Once a permit application has been submitted and approved, set up of the display may begin. The permit will be issued at the time of inspection and must remain on site of the display at all times until after the dismantling of the production. Fees are required for permits and subsequent inspections. The fee amount is based on the current approved Fire Prevention Bureau Fee Schedule.

Plan Submittal Requirements

In order for a permit to be issued, construction plans must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau and subsequently reviewed and approved. The applicant must submit for approval a detailed drawing of the site and/or production area, its layout, location, separations from other structures, purpose (e.g., retail use, public assembly), and the permit application (See Attachments for examples). When the submittal has been approved, the required fees will be collected and an inspection may be scheduled. Permits are issued upon inspection approval. The submittal package for a firework, pyrotechnic and/or flame effect production must consist of the documents specified in the permit and plan submittal requirements and application.

Current Fire Danger

Fire Danger is LOW Today!

Fire Danger is LOW!

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