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Burn Season

Grand County’s Department of Natural resources issues burn permits for slash burning. They also make the decision regarding the beginning and ending of burn season. Their office is in the Grand County Road Shop at 469 E. Topaz in Granby. The phone number is 887-0745 or you can go to the Grand County website using the following link: There are several links on the home page directing you to Department of Natural Resources open burn information, including whether or not it is an approved burn day.

Open Burn Status

For the current open burn status, visit Open burning is allowed during the winter months, only on days with good or better air quality conditions. Please call 887-0745 for approval to burn EACH TIME you would like to burn or for more information.

Open Burning General Information 

Visit the Department of Natural Resources website’s open burn information for more details, including the open burning status (open/closed), Burn Permit Application, Open Burn County Ordinance, State of CO Regulations, GCDNR Delegation of Authority, and the Grand County Open Burning Management Plan.

Open Burning Conditions 

The opening and closing of burn season depends upon weather and the presence of sufficient, permanent snow pack throughout most of the county. As a result, start and end dates vary from year to year but generally the burn season runs from late November through March.

Grand County Division of Natural Resources begins issuing open burn permits in the fall. These permits are valid for an entire burn season and expire on April 1st. Visit the Department of Natural Resources website’s open burn information for the Burn Permit Application, general burn condition info, and more details, or call their office during business hours at 970-887-0745.

Current Fire Danger

Fire Danger is MODERATE Today!

Fire Danger is MODERATE!

What does this mean? Click here to learn about fire danger levels >>

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