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Impact Fees

Fire Impact Fees for East Grand County Fire Protection District No. 4

An impact fee is a one-time charge for new development that attempts to recover the cost incurred by local government in providing the public facilities required to serve new development. Currently the fee is $483 per single family dwelling. Commercial impact fees are calculated by multiplying the total square footage of the space by $0.268.

Starting in 2001, the District has had agreements with the towns of Fraser, Winter Park and Grand County to collect impact fees. The agreements with the towns were updated at the end of 2014 and with Grand County at the beginning of 2015.

Within the incorporated towns of Fraser and Winter Park, the towns building department, located in the Winter Park town hall, handles all Impact fee applications when building plans are submitted.

The impact fee must be paid prior to a building permit application for previously platted subdivisions and prior to final plat approval for all newly applied subdivisions outside the unincorporated town limits.

Prior to obtaining a building permit for property within unincorporated Grand County, all applicants must submit complete building plans to the Fire District for review. Building plans should be brought to the Headquarters Fire Station located in Fraser, CO during regular business hours.  Fire Impact Fees will be determined for each project. Impact Fees shall be payable in full in order for the plans to be stamped for approval and sent on to the Grand County Building Department for permitting.

Contact us at 970-726-5824 with any questions.

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Fire Danger is LOW!

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