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codered mobileThe GC Office of Emergency Management has instituted the CodeRED® Emergency Notification System. This system allows ultra high-speed cellular phone or text messaging to inform registered participants during an emergency or disaster affecting Grand County.

You can now register your cell phone number for emergency updates. To make this work you have to enable your cookies or you get an error. Also, if CodeRED® has trouble with your address – do not worry about it – just put in your physical address and it will get sorted out and approved.

The CodeRED® system will be used in conjunction with “Reverse 911” (which can only contact analog, landline home phones). PLEASE, DO NOT ENTER LANDLINE PHONES IN THIS SYSTEM (even in “Alternate Phone” – landline phones are covered specifically by “Reverse 911”).

***This system will only be used for emergency purposes.***

Example of Times When the CodeRED® System Could Be Used:

• Evacuation Notice
• Fires
• Flooding
• Hazardous Materials Spills/Leaks
• Drinking Water Contamination

Registration to receive emergency notifications can be done via the web link on the Grand County Emergency Information Portal at This website also provides current, accurate information regarding major emergencies or disasters affecting Grand County.

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Fire Danger is LOW!

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