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Fire Ban Information

Normal Fire Restrictions are in place as of October 9th, 2018. Open Burn season is still closed. The only fires allowed are small recreational fires no bigger than 3ft x 3ft x 2ft. Recreational fires are strongly cautioned against when there is a Red Flag Warning in place.

Current information on the fire ban and restrictions affecting Grand County, Colorado are posted here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow any restrictions and check often for updates. Details can be found here at the Department of Natural Resources

Remember: Burn barrels are illegal in the State of Colorado, the following is information from the CO Dept. of Public Health & Environment:

Why Can’t I burn in a burn barrel?

  • It’s the law–Burn barrels are defined as incinerators using the definition given in the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) Common Provisions Regulation.  Incinerators require Construction Permits and are subject to federal and state testing requirements and regulations.  Incinerators are required by the EPA to have pollution control systems that reduce emissions.
  • Burn barrels do not combust efficiently, resulting in limited oxygen and lower temperatures that create smoke, odors and a variety of toxic pollutants like dioxins.  Dioxins are known carcinogens and can increase the risk of both short-term and long-term health problems.  Burn barrels not only impact your own health, but the health of your neighbors and the environment.  The smoke created by burn barrels also creates a nuisance.




Please join us in celebrating East Grand Fire’s 50th Birthday!
As a small way to thank our community for the many years of continued support, we will be hosting a BBQ and family-fun open house including fire truck rides and drawings. Thank you Grand County! Happy Birthday East Grand Fire!

Current Fire Danger

What does this mean? Click here to learn about fire danger levels >>

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