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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

East Grand Fire District has partnered with Fraser Valley Ace Hardware to purchase carbon monoxide detectors to be given to full-time residents of the Fire District. You may come to the District office for an application or fill out the form below. East Grand Firefighters will install the detector for you.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

There is no single more important item in any household than a working smoke alarm. Nearly one-third of residential fires and two-fifths of residential fatalities occur in homes with no smoke alarms. Put another way, having a working smoke alarm in the home reduces your chances of dying in a fire by nearly half.

Place a smoke alarm on every level of your home and outside bedrooms. If you keep your bedroom doors closed place an alarm inside the bedroom. Check the batteries once a month to make sure it works. More information on smoke alarms and fire safety from the U.S. Fire Administration by visiting

Need your Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System or Fire Extinguishers Serviced? 

Click here for a business resources list within the Fire Prevention section.

Smoke Detector Assistance for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens, having a problem replacing your smoke detector batteries? Call East Grand Fire Protection District at 726-5824 for assistance.

Current Fire Danger

Fire Danger is LOW Today!

Fire Danger is LOW!

What does this mean? Click here to learn about fire danger levels >>

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Board of Director's Meeting May 22 Agenda

Board of Director's Meeting May 22 2019

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